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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Opioid Crisis and Consent to Treatment

Many health lawyers and healthcare risk managers receive a variety of questions about consent to treatment. Often questions involve common consent issues – does a minor need parental or guardian consent for treatment? What is the expiry date on a consent form? Is it necessary to obtain a consent each the patient comes in for the “same” treatment? 

Less often, consent questions involve more complex matters that may set off a crescendo of legal issues involving serious regulatory risks. A good example is found in the “three wrongs” National Coverage Decision in which the content of a patient’s consent form may be evidenced of serious infractions resulting in non-payment for treatment. 

This webinar will discuss issues of concern related to the opioid crisis. Aside from care providers becoming better prescribers of opioid medications, there are some consent components to consider when prescribing such pharmaceuticals. Practical issues associated with consent for treatment of opioid dependence will be examined along with consent documentation strategies. 

Presenter:  Fay A. Rozovsky, JD, MPH, DFASHRM

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