Knowledge Library Roundtable Discussion: Navigating LGBTQ+ Issues in the Workplace
Thursday, October 25, 2018

Roundtable Discussion: Navigating LGBTQ+ Issues in the Workplace

Employers face a shifting patchwork of state laws and significant conflict between federal court interpretations of existing protections against employment discrimination and harassment that at least potentially shield LGBTQ+ applicants and employees. Moreover, our understanding about the ways in which these applicants and employees may be negatively impacted by workplace biases, both obvious and subtle, continues to evolve. As a result, many employers are uncertain about how to navigate LGBTQ+ issues that may arise in their own workplaces. 

This one-hour webinar will feature an all-star panel of attorneys who will walk through various LGBTQ+ discrimination and harassment issues and offer their insights on “real life” scenarios that employers may be facing. The discussion will address issues such as:

  • Who are the applicants and employees we are talking about?
  • Knowing LGBTQ+ discrimination when you see it
  • Dealing with gender fluidity
  • Proactive measures to prevent discrimination
  • How to handle discrimination complaints

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