Knowledge Library Ongoing Monitoring and Auditing of the Hotline
Thursday, November 15, 2018

Ongoing Monitoring and Auditing of the Hotline

Learn about Compliance Officer responsibilities for ongoing monitoring of the hotline. This Webinar is a “how to” program that will focus on step-by-step monitoring and auditing of the hotline operation for effectiveness. The presentation will be conducted by two recognized national experts on the subject: Richard Kusserow, former HHS Inspector General and CEO of Strategic Management, and Daniel Peake of the Compliance Resource Center, which provides tools for compliance program operations.
Topics will include:
  • Addressing difference in ongoing monitoring and auditing
  • Steps to evaluate the organization, structure, and operation of the hotline
  • How to audit effectiveness of hotline vendor services
  • Verifying the existence and operation of key hotline- related policies
  • How to conduct document reviews of the operation
  • How to gain feedback from staff, employees and managers
  • Reviewing logs and tracking data
  • Addressing document security and management 
  • Reviewing the roles of Legal, Compliance, and HR in addressing complaints
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