Knowledge Library NGE IP Focus: Manufacturing, Issue 3, Spring 2019
Thursday, May 16, 2019

NGE IP Focus: Manufacturing, Issue 3, Spring 2019

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Automation in the industrial manufacturing sector and within products created in this sector, especially loT devices, continues to be widespread and an everyday part of our economy. Automation creates constant change in our consumer-driven society. This change sometimes takes incremental steps and often has “game changing” or even every-day “life changing” effects, especially with consumers and the loT devices that they interface with being so very connected to one another. It should therefore be no surprise that intellectual property law issues are being created at a rate equal to this constant change. The IP issues encountered are numerous. Some are specific to the manufacturing and related consumer products industry, and some have general applicability across industries. In this issue of NGE IP Focus, we highlight some recent legal decisions in the industrial manufacturing space that illustrate and exemplify current legal issues encountered in the field.

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