Knowledge Library Garnishment Basics: A Primer for Payroll Professionals
Thursday, September 5, 2019

Garnishment Basics: A Primer for Payroll Professionals

Presented by Amorette Nelson Bryant, nationally recognized payroll compliance expert and author of the highly-acclaimed resource, Complete Guide to Federal and State Garnishment, this insightful webinar will examine basic federal information for support, creditor garnishment, student loans, federal administrative wage garnishment, and tax levy. 

Ideal for staff training or as a refresher for seasoned payroll professionals, this helpful webinar will guide you through the practical fundamentals you need to know to properly handle garnishments.

Key Discussion Topics

  • Maximum Withholding for Support:  The state where the employee works determines the maximum withholding for support. That may vary from 40% of disposable earnings to 65%.
  • Allowable Deductions:  Some state laws may allow other deductions to reduce disposable earnings. Those laws may apply to creditor garnishment and or support.
  • Ordering of Withholding:  It is not unusual for an employer/payor to receive more than one of the same type of garnishment or different types of garnishment or levy. It will require knowledge of both state and federal laws to determine the correct order in which to withhold.  
  • Telecommuters and Out-of-State Employees:  Telecommuting is becoming more popular and may involve employees working in different states. That means the employer is often now dealing with and must know another state’s requirements.
  • Finding Answers to Garnishment Questions:  It is important to know, or know how to look for, the information to guide you through critical garnishment issues and questions, such as garnishment calculations.
  • Much More! 

Additional information and examples will be provided regarding these topics and more.

To view the webinar replay, please click the link below and complete the information. You will receive an email with a link to the webinar.


Amorette Nelson Bryant Principal, ABryant Consulting