Knowledge Library Deminar: How to gain efficiencies with’s Distribution Tracking Software
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Deminar: How to gain efficiencies with’s Distribution Tracking Software

Join us for an overview of how’s innovative Distribution Tracking Software (DTS) can help you quickly gain efficiencies. Current DTS customers have reported cutting their distribution processing time in half or more using our software.

Streamline your preparation and tracking process and increase productivity
• View all distributions in progress for every plan on one global dashboard
• 1099 Integration – Never upload a spreadsheet or manually prepare a form again
• Compliance Integration – Streamline RMD, force-out campaigns, and plan terms. Corrective distributions and refunds COMING SOON
• Skip the paper and collect distributions details via our plan sponsor and participant portals
• Batch create prepopulated distribution packages right from DTS to deliver to your clients via email, mail or via the portal
• Best-in-class safeguards and procedures in place to ensure the security of your clients information

With the end of the year approaching, now is the time to take advantage of all of the efficiencies DTS has to offer.

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