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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Chargemaster Management & Data Integrity

As a living document, the chargemaster should be updated at a minimum on a quarterly basis, but there is need for daily changes: departments add and remove charges, payers update contracts, and a regulatory environment in flux demands constant updates. Healthcare organizations know they can improve the integrity of their revenue programs through ongoing review and maintenance of their chargemaster, but many struggle with best practices in the face of complexity.

Join Robin Zweifel as she reviews how to maintain your chargemaster, and what your chargemaster tool may or may not be telling you. This presentation will cover best-practice management, data integrity, CDM maintenance and synchronization, rational and logical relationship of related charges, and pharmacy and supply coding, pricing and accurate calculation of final billed charge. She will also discuss external chargemaster review and software selection.


Robin Miller Zweifel, BS, MT (ASCP) is Senior Vice President of Revenue Capture for the Clinical and Financial Consulting services of Panacea Healthcare Solutions.  Her consulting and auditing expertise has been gained through more than fifteen years with Panacea. Robin provides advisory services focused on compliance with Medicare / Medicaid documentation, coding and billing guidelines.  Through the years, Robin has specialized in proactive audit and documentation reviews for hospitals, independent laboratories, and physicians. Most recently she has focused her attention to compliance in the area of Pharmacy where she performs Chargemaster and Formulary Coding Analysis and Billing Compliance Reviews for single hospitals and multi-facility health systems, in addition to coding and compliance audits specific to drug administration service lines of outpatient medical oncology and specialty infusion clinics. 

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