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The Influence of IAS/IFRS on the CCTB, Tax Accounting, Disclosure and Corporate Law Accounting Concepts by Peter HJ Essers, Theo Raaijmakers, Ronald Russo, Pieter van der Schee, Leo van der Tas, Peter van der Zanden
International Taxation of Electronic Commerce Second Edition by Richard A. Westin
Taxing Global Digital Commerce
Tax Reform in the 21st Century by Richard Krever, John G. Head
Tax Code of the Russian Federation, Part One
EUCOTAX Series on European Taxation:  The Compatibility of Anti-Abuse Provisions in Tax Treaties with EC Law
Towards Corporate Tax Harmonization in the European Community, An Institutional and Procedural Analysis
EUCOTAX Series on European Taxation: The Principle of Equality in European Taxation
IFA: Taxation of Expatriates
Multilateral Tax Treaties
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