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Multilateral Tax Treaties
The Tax Treatment of NGOs: Legal, Fiscal and Ethical Standards for Promoting NGOs and their Activities
IFA: The OECD Model Convention - 1997 and Beyond: Current Problems of the Permanent Establishment Definition
Systems of General Sales Taxation: Theory Policy and Practice by Robert F. van Brederode
Tax Treaties and the EC Law
Interpretation Double Taxation Conventions: General Theory and Brazilian Perspective by Sergio André Rocha
The Influence of IAS/IFRS on the CCTB, Tax Accounting, Disclosure and Corporate Law Accounting Concepts by Peter HJ Essers, Theo Raaijmakers, Ronald Russo, Pieter van der Schee, Leo van der Tas, Peter van der Zanden
International Taxation of Electronic Commerce Second Edition by Richard A. Westin
A Handbook EU VAT Legislation Online
Taxing Global Digital Commerce
Tax Reform in the 21st Century by Richard Krever, John G. Head
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