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Collected Courses Of The Academy Of European Law/1995 Europ Commu (Volume VI, Book 1)
External Relations Law of the European Community by Rass Holdgaard
Collected Courses Of The Academy Of Europ Law/1995 Protect Hum (Volume VI, Book 2)
Collected Courses Of The Academy Of Europ Law/1994 Protect Hum (Volume V, Book 2)
The Action For Damages In Community Law
The Right to Damages in European Law by
Multilingual Interpretation of European Union Law
The Law on Age Discrimination in the EU by Malcolm Sargeant
The European Constitution and National Constitutions: Ratification and Beyond by
European Company Law In Accelerated Progress by Steef Bartman
Cross-Border Enforcement of Claims in the EU: History, Present Time and Future - Second edition
Interim Protection of Individuals before the European and National Courts by Dimitrios Sinaniotis
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