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The Right to Damages in European Law by
Regulating Public Procurement, National and International Perspectives
Multilingual Interpretation of European Union Law
The European Constitution and National Constitutions: Ratification and Beyond by
The Law on Age Discrimination in the EU by Malcolm Sargeant
European Company Law In Accelerated Progress by Steef Bartman
Cross-Border Enforcement of Claims in the EU: History, Present Time and Future - Second edition
Interim Protection of Individuals before the European and National Courts by Dimitrios Sinaniotis
Regulating Content- The European Regulatory Framework for the Media and Related Creative Sectors by
Views of European Law from the Mountain: Liber Amicorum for Piet Jan Slot by
Towards a Sustainable European Company Law: A Normative Analysis of the Objectives of EU Law, with the Takeover Directive as a Test Case by Beate Sjåfjell
The Liberalization of Postal Services in the European Union
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