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Construction Law Integrated Library
Construction Litigation: Representing the Owner, Second Edition by Robert F. Cushman, Esq., Kenneth Cushman, Stephen B. Cook
Handling Construction Defect Claims: Western States, Fourth Edition by Thomas E. Miller, Rachel M. Miller, Matthew T. Miller
Construction Disputes: Practice Guide with Forms, Second Edition by Thomas J. Kelleher, Jr., Esq., Brian G. Corgan, Esq., William E. Dorris, Esq.
Practical Guide to Construction Contract Surety Claims, Second Edition by William Schwartzkopf
State-by-State Guide to Architect, Engineer, and Contractor Licensing, Second Edition by Stephen G. Walker
ConsensusDOCS Contract Documents Handbook by Kevin F. Peartree, Esq., Theodore M. B. Baum, Timothy Boldt, Todd R. Braggins, Matthew D. Brown, Martha A. Connolly, John W. Dreste, Nell M. Hurley, Thomas K. O'Gara
Design-Build Contracting Handbook, Second Edition by Robert F. Cushman, Esq., Michael C. Loulakis, Esq
Construction Disputes: Representing the Contractor, Third Edition by Robert F. Cushman, Esq., John D. Carter, Paul J. Gorman, Douglas F. Coppi
Florida Construction Law by Steven M. Siegfried
Construction Law Handbook, Second Edition by Richard K. Allen, Stanley A. Martin
Legal Guide to AIA Documents, Fifth Edition by Werner Sabo, Esq.
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