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Yearbook Commercial Arbitration Volume XXV - 2000
Arbitration Law and Practice in China - 3rd Edition
Introduction to International Arbitration Practice. 1001 Questions and Answers
Planning Efficient Proceedings, The Law Applicable in International Arbitration X, Vienna, 1994
Procedure and Evidence in International Arbitration
Collection of ICC Arbitral Awards 2008-2011/ Recueil des Sentences Arbitrales de la CCI 2008-2011 (Volume VI)
Yearbook Commercial Arbitration Volume XXI - 1996
Advanced Litigation Support & Document Imaging
Digest of CAS Awards I, 1986-1998
Yearbook Commercial Arbitration Volume XX - 1995
American Civil Procedure: A Guide to Civil Adjudication in US Courts by John B. Oakley, Vikram D Amar
Labor Law Beyond Borders: ADR and the Internationalization of Labor Dispute Settlement
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