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Arbitration In the America's Cup. The XXXI America's Cup Arbitration Panel and its Decisions
The Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard. A Guide to NAFTA Case Law on Article 1105
International Commercial Arbitration Volume II: International Arbitration Procedures
ASA Bulletin by
New Horizons for International Commercial Arbitration and Beyond by Albert Jan Van Den Berg
Investment Disputes under NAFTA: An Annotated Guide to NAFTA Chapter 11 by Meg  Kinnear, Andrea Bjorklund, John F. G. Hannaford
Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business: The Arbitration Process - Special Issue, 2001
Banking and Securities Regulation in the Netherlands
International Encyclopaedia of Laws: Civil Procedure Online
Asian International Arbitration Journal Online
Yearbook Commercial Arbitration Volume XXXVIII 2013
Managing Business Disputes in Today's China: Duelling with Dragons by
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