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Raising Capital on Arab Equity Markets. Legal and Juridical Aspects of Arab Securities Regulation
International Trade Law and the GATT/WTO Dispute Settlement System
The Trade and Customs Law of the European Union, 3rd Edition
Hedge Fund Regulation in the European Union: Current Trends and Future Prospects by Phoebus Athanassiou
EU Dumping Determinations and WTO Law by Henrik Andersen
Circumvention and Anti-Circumvention Measures: by Yu Yanning
Innovations in Securitisation, Yearbook 2006 by
The Law of Globalization: An Introduction by Laurence Boulle
State Aid Policy in the European Community: Principles and Practice by Phedon Nicolaides, Mihalis Kekelekis, M Kleis
EU and US Antitrust Arbitration. A Handbook for Practitioners
EU Anti-Dumping and Other Trade Defence Instruments  - 5th edition
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