Watch these four quick cartoon case studies to see if you can identify with the risks faced by these four healthcare compliance professionals.

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Without the right information about the real-time state of our compliance program, our board members cannot make the right decisions against the actual risk, leaving them and the organization at risk for clawbacks, fines, litigation, and long-term reputational harm.


We can’t dedicate the time, effort and energy to evaluate our risk against the now monthly update of the OIG Work Plan and make mitigations plan or adjust our programs/policies/training accordingly. But we likewise cannot afford the hit to our reputation to be under OIG investigation, let alone litigation or fines, which will also have an immediate cash impact on our bottom line.


As major teaching hospitals connected to one of the country’s top educational institutions, our reputation is everything. It only takes one mishandled incident to undermine everyone’s efforts to maintain that reputation, as well as cost the organization in audits, investigations, fines, litigation and awards.


Without some sort of system, we cannot concurrently manage all ongoing claims audits from countless auditing organizations to ensure on time responses to the initial request and appeal stages. We need to understand and report on the system-wide revenue impact in real time to avoid lost reimbursement, fines, and clawbacks. This is a growing risk to the bottom line of the entire organization.