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December 05, 2017

Wolters Kluwer Launches Innovative Tax Law Research Practice Tool State Tax Plus for Legal Professionals

NEW YORK, NY (PRNewswire) -- Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. announced today that it is launching a new product, State Tax Plus, available exclusively on its Cheetah™ legal research platform. A complete resource for legal tax researchers, State Tax Plus is an expert solution that provides users with a centralized location to monitor state tax statutory and regulatory changes and enables point-in-time research capabilities for all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

The research tool features point-in-time navigation and redlining comparison capabilities, allowing users to instantly distinguish laws on a state-by-state level, and ultimately increasing accuracy, efficiency and speed when comparing statutes and commentary. The release of State Tax Plus follows the success of Standard Fed Plus – the tax research tool for legal professionals that also features point-in-time navigation and redlining capabilities. Earlier this year, Standard Fed Plus was named a 2017 SIIA CODiE Awards finalist in two categories, Best Legal Solution and Best Solution for Integrating Content into Workflow.

"If new federal tax legislation is enacted, many states will embark on amendments to their own tax codes," said Susan Gruesser, Portfolio Director, Legal Markets & Innovation. "State Tax Plus will help customers to not only see these future changes to state tax laws for all fifty states, but also provide an historical analysis of the state tax codes and regulations back to 1994."

In launching State Tax Plus, Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory has created a proprietary centralized, online location for tax professionals to understand changes to state tax law as accurately and efficiently as possibleThe tool thereby eliminates the often time-consuming and labor-intensive task of moving between documents to identify changes in the law, and facilitates greater depth and accuracy of understanding those changes. State Tax Plus also includes a calendar feature to help attorneys navigate the tax law back to 1994 and on a monthly basis going forward.

Visit our web site to learn more about State Tax Plus.

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