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Vincent Verouden


Vincent Verouden is a director at the Brussels office of E.CA Economics. Until October 2014, Vincent was Deputy Chief Economist at the Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission. 

Vincent, a Dutch national, started his career at the European Commission in January 2000. In the first years he worked for the Merger Task Force (MTF). Subsequently, Vincent worked for DG Competition’s Chief Economist Team (CET). While at the Commission, Vincent had a lead role in the development of the Horizontal and Non-Horizontal Merger Guidelines and in the Commission’s antitrust inquiry into the pharmaceutical sector. In the area of state aid control, he contributed significantly to the economic analysis of individual cases and to the development of state aid policy.

His present consulting activities span the fields of antitrust, merger control and state aid control. 

Vincent  is  an  extramural  fellow  at  the Tilburg  Law  and  Economics Centre (TILEC) and he  teaches at the Brussels School of Competition’s LL.M. programme. He is also the author of many publications on competition policy.