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Sophia A. Komna

Sophia A. Komna is a founding partner of Carsten Niemer, Sophia Komna & Partners Law Company in Athens (Greece). The firm has established and maintains contacts and professional relations around the world and represents multinational companies, which are market leaders worldwide, as well as independent public bodies. The firm’s field of activity includes various areas of Law with international parameters, litigation, and arbitration, industrial and intellectual property, and data protection whereas it extends to corporations, contracts, transactions, and investments. Over the years of the firm’s operation and service, the firm has established a distinguished reputation for competence and integrity in addition to which we gained great court and negotiating experience to the great benefit of our clients. Ms. Komna’s areas of practice include civil law, commercial law, EU law, mergers and acquisitions, contract and competition law, intellectual and industrial property law, data protection law, privacy & security, public tenders, private international law, and litigation.

Ms. Komna graduated with a degree in law from the Faculty of Law, University of Athens. She has been admitted to the Athens Bar Association (1999) appointed to the Athens First Instance Court (1999), the Athens Court of Appeal (2003), and the Supreme Court. She is highly experienced in civil and commercial litigation, as well as in counseling companies and entrepreneurs in domestic and international business and finance. She is a member of the Greek Society of Commercial Law, the Greek Society of Civil Law, the ITLAW Group Europe (formerly serving as its President), the editorial Board of ETMR, and the ADVOC International Network for independent Law Firms. Ms. Komna speaks Greek, English, and German. Carsten Niemer, Sophia Komna & Partners Law Company is a full-service law firm that operates throughout Greece and has clients throughout Europe.