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Pablo Mendes de Leon


In 1981 Dr. Pablo Mendes de Leon started his professional career at the Law firm Barents and Krans in The Hague, where he practised European Community Law, company law and bankruptcy law.

In 1985, he commenced to work for Leiden University. In addition to his teaching functions, he acted as Director of the International Institute of Air and Space Law, which was formally established in 1986. In this capacity, he organised a number of world-wide conferences on topical developments in international aviation and space law.

Since 15 April 2008 Pablo Mendes de Leon is Professor of Air and Space law and Head of Department/executive chair of the Department of Air and Space Law. He also maintains memberships in organisations that work to combine air and space law and education.

Dr. Mendes de Leon lectures private international air law and competition law in the LL.M. programme of the International Institute of Air and Space law. Moreover, he is a speaker at conferences on international aviation developments and has written many books on the subject.