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Bernt Hugenholtz is Professor of Intellectual Property Law and former director of the Institute for Information Law of the University of Amsterdam (IViR). He has written numerous books, studies and articles on a variety of topics involving copyright, information technology, new media and the Internet. 

At the University of Amsterdam he teaches courses in copyright law, international copyright law and industrial property law. Since 2007 he is a part-time professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bergen, Norway (UiB). He is also on the regular faculty of the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center in Munich.  

Since 2003 professor Hugenholtz has been a deputy judge at the Court of Appeal in Arnhem. He has acted as a consultant to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the European Commission, and several national governments. 

Prof. Hugenholtz is General Editor of the Information Law Series which is published by Kluwer Law International. He is also a regular contributor to the Kluwer Copyright Blog.

Product & Resource Contributors

Copyright Reconstructed: Rethinking Copyright’s Economic Rights in a Time of Highly Dynamic Technological and Economic Change

About this book: Copyright Reconstructed is the result of a collaborative research project, ‘Reconstructing Rights’ funded by Microsoft Europe, that normatively examined the core economic rights protected under EU copyright law, with the aim of realigning these rights with economic and...

Edited by P. Bernt Hugenholtz
Protect Works Of Fact: Copyright, Freedom Of Expression And Info

Factual information, such as stock market data, weather reports, topographical data and business news, is rapidly becoming a very valuable commodity. And wherever business is booming, piracy is looming. Can copyright law provide adequate protection?

Edited by Egbert J. Dommering, P. Bernt...
The Future Of Copyright In A Digital Environment

This book contains a unique collection of papers, written by the world's foremost copyright scholars and practitioners, presented at the colloquium on The Future of Copyright in a Digital Environment in Amsterdam on July, 1995. This colloquium was

By P. Bernt Hugenholtz
Harmonizing European Copyright Law: The Challenges of Better Lawmaking

This book will provide analysis of the current state of play of and suggest direction for future development of European copyright law and related rights. The acquis communautaire is reviewed in depth, starting with an analysis of the exact

By Mireille van Eechoud, P. Bernt Hugenh...
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