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Lovie D. Ross


Lovie D. Ross has over 20 years in Financial Disbursements experience to include Management, Accounting and Accounts Payable.  What makes Ms. Ross unique in her career is her overwhelming compassion to ensure Accounts Payable and Payroll professionals receive the well desired recognition for the work that is required to perform their ongoing tasks.  She regularly takes time to teach her employees, and customers alike, the importance of accurate information and their impact to the financials.  

Ms. Ross has succeeded in implementing process improvements to increase system and work performances.  She routinely work with system analysts to discover new technology enhancements.  Ms. Ross and her Accounts Payable team were previous recipients of the American Accounts Payable Association’s Best Practices Prism Award. 

Outside of work, Ms. Ross has held the title of President of the National Association of Professional Women-Katy, Texas Chapter and she is currently a member. She is also a member of the American Payroll Association (APA) and serves on the Strategic Accounts Payable Task Force committee.   She has owned several small businesses and assist other entrepreneurs with recommendations for accounting software, bookkeeping, and taxes.  Lovie Ross continues to grow her leadership skills by networking and staying involved in community activities.