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Lawrence J. Webber


Lawrence Webber is a regionally recognized expert in Project Management, the application of Lean/Six Sigma techniques and Business Continuity planning. Lawrence has consulted for many public and private industries with an emphasis on manufacturing. A personal goal is to make technology easy to understand and to apply it to the right business problems. Lawrence shared these ideas for seven years as an adjunct Visiting Professor at Keller/DeVry University.

Lawrence began his data processing journey as a digital network repairman and then moved into software development. Along the way, he worked in data operations and IT Management. This provides a big picture view of solving problems using project management. Leadership training and experience was obtained through 23 years of active and reserve military assignments, retiring as a First Sergeant, Infantry. Additionally, Lawrence has published books on Green Technology, Military Benefits, Quality Control, Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity, Project Management and IT Governance.