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Kaisa Suominen

M. Sc.

European Patent Attorney Kaisa Suominen joined a Finnish private practice firm after her graduation and stayed at the Berggren Group for over 15 years, including five years as managing director of the subsidiary in Turku. After a brief hop into industry, Kaisa is back in private practise at Moosedog Oy in Turku as a partner. She entered the register of Finnish Patent Agents in 1999 and qualified as a European Patent Attorney in 2003. Kaisa's work covers various aspects related to inventions, ranging from advising clients on patenting strategies, drafting patent applications and prosecution at various patent offices to oppositions and court cases as well as drafting opinions. Having worked mainly in smaller agencies, Kaisa has practical experience in many fields of technology, such as chemistry and material science but also mechanics and electronics. Her educational background is in chemistry and materials engineering.

In addition to the attorney work, Kaisa is active in tutoring and training fellow patent attorneys as well as trainee patent attorneys around Europe (Ceipi, epi, etc). Kaisa is also a member of the examination committee for the Finnish patent attorney examination.