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Jonathan S. Lux


After an extremely successful career culminating as a Senior Partner at one of the City's leading Law firms (Ince & Co) Jonathan made a decision to specialise independently in Mediation, was subsequently called to the Bar and joined Chambers in 2013. Jonathan is well placed to take on Mediation and Arbitration cases that require a highly skilled and personal approach. 

Jonathan’s vast experience and the range of Mediation and Arbitration cases that he has been involved with, have given him the tact and robustness that leads to a satisfactory conclusion, enabling all parties to cost-effectively put the case behind them and get on with their business.  Jonathan is one of the founder members of CEDR, and is well known for the use of the ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) principle in resolving cases. 

He has lectured widely and written numerous articles on the subject of mediation, and is co-author of ADR and Commercial Disputes. In 2015 Jonathan was elected titulary member of the CMI. 

Jonathan is also fully accredited by and a member of the International Mediation Institute. Jonathan has received regular appointments as Arbitrator and Mediator both in relation to maritime disputes and international commercial law disputes more widely.