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John M. Cunningham


John Cunningham is licensed to practice law in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He is of counsel to the New Hampshire-based law firm of McLane, Middleton, P.A. His practice is focused on forming LLCs, converting non-LLC entities to LLCs, and representing clients in internal LLC disputes.  

John’s Wolters Kluwer book entitled Drafting Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements is the leading U.S. LLC formbook and practice manual.

John chaired the committee that drafted the New Hampshire Revised Limited Liability Company Act, and he was among that act’s principal authors.

John teaches seminars on LLC law, tax and practice for bar associations, law firms, CPA societies, business groups and other groups and institutions, including the American Bar Association and the American Law Institute.

John maintains a blog website on LLC practice at http://www.cunninghamonoperatingagreements.com/, and he frequently publishes posts from that website.