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John F. Buckley


John F. Buckley IV is President and CEO of the National Legal Research Group, a firm of 35 attorneys that provides legal research, writing and advocacy for other attorneys. Prior to becoming President of NLRG, John served as a Senior Attorney on the Public Law team, specializing in employment law and civil rights, and most recently as Director of the Human Resources Consulting and Publications department.

He has advised employers and attorneys for employers throughout the country on employment policies, compensation, and litigation-related matters, and has prepared employment policies and handbooks as well as trial and appellate briefs in employment and civil rights cases.

He has authored or coauthored a number of books, including The Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Guide (Wolters Kluwer 2004), The State by State Guide to Human Resources Law (Wolters Kluwer 1994-2017), The Multistate Payroll Guide (Wolters Kluwer 2016) and Defense of Equal Employment Claims (Thomson Reuters 2d ed. 1995). John is a long-standing, professional member of the Society for Human Resource Management.