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Jim Castagnera

J.D.; Ph.D.; M.A.

Jim Castagnera has practiced for 40 years as a communication specialist and attorney, principally in higher education. He has been a law professor at several institutions, and a communication specialist for the United States Coast Guard and at an R1 university. He also has been a management-side labor lawyer with a major Philadelphia law firm, Saul Ewing, and the general counsel/corporate secretary for the then-largest convenience store chain in New Jersey and for the nation’s number one econometric forecasting organization. He is currently legal counsel at a regionally-ranked teaching university in Central New Jersey. Jim has published 21 books, as well as 50+ professional/scholarly articles and book chapters. He is a frequent commentator in newsletters, newspapers and magazines, and on the Internet. His teaching has taken him to the University of Texas-Austin, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and the Widener and (currently) Drexel University law schools. He also presents approximately 50 webinars each year on such topics as contract law, corporate-counsel ethics, intellectual property, and a variety of higher-ed law topics.

His areas of expertise are (1) labor and employment law and policy; (2) higher education law and policy; (3) civil liberties and national security law, including counter-terrorism law, and (4) risk management, including litigation prevention and management, internal investigations of sex harassment and assault cases, labor relations and employee discipline, and alternative dispute resolution.

In addition to serving New Jersey's Rider University as Associate Provost and Legal Counsel for Academic Affairs he is the principal consultant for his own company, Holland Media Services, LLC, which provides writing, editing and consulting services in Jim's areas of expertise.