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Frank Hendrickx

Ph.D.; LL.M.

Prof. Dr. Frank Hendrickx is professor of labour law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Leuven (Belgium). He is also part-time professor of European labour law at Tilburg Law School, hosted at the ReflecT Institute.

Professor Hendrickx has specialized in European and comparative labour law. An additional specialization is sports law, with a focus on the legal status of athletes, European sports law and doping.

Frank Hendrickx has published numerous articles and books and regularly advises governments, international institutions and private organisations in the area of labour law as well as in sports law. He is the editor-in-chief of the European Labour Law Journal and General Editor of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws.

He is president of the Belgian Association for Labour Law and Social Security Law, and Secretary of the Belgian Association for Industrial.

Product & Resource Contributors

Game Changers in Labour Law: Shaping the Future of Work

About this book: Game Changers in Labour Law is pursued in the spirit and with the methods of the late Emeritus Professor Roger Blanpain (1932–2016), a great reformer who continuously searched for key challenges in the world of work and looked as far as possible into the future, engaging in...

Edited by Frank Hendrickx, Valerio De...
Institutional Changes and European Social Policies after the Treaty of Amsterdam

The Treaty of Amsterdam brings institutional changes to the European structure. It also contains the provisions regarding social policy and employment in its new chapters. This work focuses on both of these elements. Four of the five contributions

By Roger Blanpain†, Eddy De Smyter, Mich...
Codex: European Labour Law and Social Security Law

Because labour and social security issues have arisen in many disparate ways since the inception of the European Communities, there has been no consistent classification of European law in this area. This groundbreaking book at last rectifies that

By Roger Blanpain†, Frank Hendrickx
The Future of Sports Law in the European Union: Beyond the EU Reform Treaty and the White Paper

Sport is life, fun, passion but also business. It is not easy to draw a bright line between sport as an economic activity and sport as a crucial cultural element of society. In Europe, the stakes are prodigious from either perspective. On the one

Edited by Roger Blanpain†, Michele Coluc...
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