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Frank Eijsvogels


Frank Eijsvogels is a partner at Hoyng Rokh Monegier. Frank has broad experience in litigating and advising on almost all aspects of intellectual property law. His practices comprises all areas of intellectual property law, with a focus on patent and design law. Frank also has broad experience in drafting and advising on IP and IT related agreements. He has been involved in several landmark cases about (crossborder) enforcement of intellectual property rights, among which e.g. seizures of evidence, proceedings to get access to evidence, international jurisdiction of the Court to grant crossborder injunctions in patent cases, acting against goods in transit that have been detained under the Anti-piracy Regulation etc.  Frank is an active member of the editorial board of Intellectuele Eigendom & Reclamerecht (Intellectual Property & Advertising Law), editor-in-chief of Global Patent Litigation (Kluwer), and regularly publishes and lectures about intellectual property law.