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Alan Christopher Neal


Professor Alan Neal is a specialist in British, European and Chinese Employment Law, and the author of numerous books and articles in those fields. He has held judicial office as a part-time Employment Judge (London Central) since 1995, and has been Convenor of the European Association of Labour Court Judges since 1996.

Alan Neal is Professor of Law and Director of the Employment Law Research Unit in the University of Warwick. He is a lifetime Professor in the Zhejiang University (PRC), is Visiting Professor in the Beijing Jiao Tong University (PRC), University of Paris II and University of Lille 2, and holds the Paul Van der Heijden Chair of Social Justice in the University of Leiden. Since 2012 he has been Standing High-Level Independent Expert in the Labour Law and Social Security Law Institute, Peking University (PRC).

Professor Neal was the Founding Editor of The International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations and for 10 years was its Editor-in-Chief. He continues to sit on the editorial boards of a number of international and comparative journals, and is the General Editor of the monograph series Studies in Employment and Social Policy.