WK Browser Search

WK Browser Search

Research Transformed

The new WK Browser Search available with Cheetah™ will change the way you approach legal research. A complimentary, installable Browser Extension, this new feature instantly integrates your browser search queries with subscribed content from Wolters Kluwer — all in one results list! No more logging in and alternating between research tools!

You’ll become more efficient by taking both public and professional sources into consideration at once — saving you time and money. WK Browser Search for Cheetah is one of the many ways we make it easier to find the insights and analysis you need — leading to faster answers and better results.

Start with Google®, Google Scholar®, Bing® or Yahoo!®. End with Cheetah

Get current, dependable Wolters Kluwer content delivered to you seamlessly, along with your search engine results.

  • Enter a query in your favorite search engine, such as Google or Google Scholar.
  • Click “Show Results” once per browser session to activate the feature.
  • Watch as your query results from Cheetah appear inline with the public search engine results.
  • Click on the Cheetah content and access the detailed information automatically without logging in.

WK Browser Search demo
Key Benefits Include:
  • Access to trusted expert content from Cheetah
  • Simplicity in legal research by having integrated search results
  • Download the plug-in once, and no need to log in again
  • Free to current Cheetah subscribers!
Download Now

If you are a current Cheetah user, download here.

To install on multiple computers over your network using Active Directory, please click here

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Also Available for IntelliConnect®

If you are a current IntelliConnect user, download here.

Note: Works with Chrome, Firefox and IE, but initial installation must be done in IE.

To install on multiple computers over your network using Active Directory, please click here

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